Custom Training

Making a difference

The vice-presidents we talk with often ask: "How do we know we're training on the right things?" "Will training make a difference?" "Is it worth the investment?"

When your people must have specific skills and knowledge to do their job right, in your company, with your products and services, then custom-designed training makes sense.

Custom training is often the least time-consuming and least-expensive way to improve management and employee productivity. 

When it is designed and developed by AGORA, you know it will save you time and money, because we only take on projects where we can make a positive impact.

Whether we are developing self-paced training, or classroom workshops and seminars, we make sure the training fits the audience and specific learning objectives. The results?

The content is relevant. The training is designed to fit specific job functions and written in the context of your company, in your terminology.

Less time is spent away from the job, because the training is focused on specific needs. Learners can select exactly what they need, and get back to work faster. They don't need to spend time translating concepts and activities to their real-life situations.

It is available when and where it is needed. The most effective training occurs just-in-time to be useful on the job, with ready reference and reinforcement tools.

It is consistently reinforced. The quality of a workforce improves dramatically when everyone is "on the same page", supporting each other and your company goals.